I’m not an anarchist, but an antagonist.

I’m not an anarchist, but an antagonist. I can’t stand seeing my people falling to the corrupted system. The poor is paying the consequences of the bad decisions made by the rich. Bringing chaos is not my aim but to restore a fair balance. You can’t understand the pain of fighting cancer unless you had cancer. Well, it’s clear that a rich born person will never understand the struggle of being poor. Education is not the only ‘must have’ quality to lead but empathy and devotion to what is right. Don’t choose someone to lead you just because he or … Continue reading I’m not an anarchist, but an antagonist.

One vs All.

I’m afraid you know, I don’t trust people. I do love people, and I find it way better to call you my brother rather than my best friend, but the thing is, Will you consider me as your brother too ? I may not be 50 years old but from all the years I lived, I have gone through good and bad times, and from the bad ones, I learned that you should be careful to whom you are giving your trust. Giving your trust to someone is like giving someone a gun to point at you while you are … Continue reading One vs All.

You either die a Hero or live enough to see yourself to become the villain.

  ” You either die a Hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”, this is quoted from a movie but this simple sentence make so much sense even in the real world. It is funny when you think about it, you know, you are living your life with the aim of doing good not only to your family or friends, but to everyone you will come across to some point in your life. But how can it be that you can unfortunately become the Bad Guy with a cold heart? Some people like to be bad … Continue reading You either die a Hero or live enough to see yourself to become the villain.


We never heal a wound, you know, we just learn to live with the pain and hide it behind a nice smile. When people hurt you, and I’m not talking about people who are not close to you but the people who are the nearest to your heart, you are like : ” why have you done that to me ?”. This year have been a hell of a year and I have been through so much things, starting from good to end up to the point where I question my own existence. People I loved, people I would give … Continue reading Hope.

A Second Chance.

I believe we all need a second chance in life. This second chance, no one ain’t giving it to you. You should be able to accept and forget your past and all the things you did wrong. What is the sake to keep reminding yourself all the things you did wrong ? As long as you keep reminding yourself of your past, you will never be able to move on. People, people gonna judge you by your past and there’s unfortunately nothing you can do to change it. But remember this, the more in peace you are with your past … Continue reading A Second Chance.

Know who you want to be.

Who am I ? I haven’t still figured it out. Who was I ? I think about it sometimes. Who I want to be ? I damn know who I want to be. These are 3 Questions that we sometimes ask ourselves. You should be able to have an answer to each one even though you are not 100% sure of it. But who you want to be, that you should be absolutely sure of it. If you don’t have a plan for you future, you will fall in somebody else plan. People gonna judge you, criticise everything you do, … Continue reading Know who you want to be.

Life isn’t hard my friend.

The more you complain about the hardness of life, the more life gonna be hard. Life isn’t easy but guys! Stop talking about how difficult it is and start to focus on how to make this life your B*tch. You can be anything you want, just believe in yourself and make your days worth the run. You absolutely, undoubtedly, unquestionably  SUCK if you dare to say that life isn’t fair and your life is only misery. Each one of us is dealing with a storm that we don’t know, but it happens that some of us find the strength to … Continue reading Life isn’t hard my friend.

Risk it all, to win it all.

You either risk it all and do what you really want to do or live in what others think is good to do. Today I had a talk with a good friend and this simple talk made me realise that we should be willing to do what others won’t do, to live like others won’t live. What is good for others may not be the right thing that suit you. Take advice from others but do the one thing that appeals to you to be the thing you should do. Your opinion is what matters most. Give a try, even … Continue reading Risk it all, to win it all.

Who We Are.

We cry, we fall, we get hurt, we live in pain but that doesn’t mean life is over. We still got some more to prove. To prove that we are standing tall even being alone. We live in a generation where people fake who they really are. They pretend to be someone who they aren’t. Don’t let yourself fool by a smiling face. Friends ? Who are they ? Where are they when you really needed them ? People like when you do good but never better than them. It’s hard to get out there and face this world. But … Continue reading Who We Are.

Help the People.

When I was a young boy, I look to this world in amazement. Being almost a grown man now, I see the world as it really is. Hate, fear, pain and desperation are the feelings being in the heart of people today. Innocent people are losing their lives every single day. We get knocked hard in life, maybe harder than we could expect. But we should never let our hearts be filled with hate. If hate was the reason some ignorant individuals did wrong to us, let us show and prove to them that we are Different. Show to them … Continue reading Help the People.